Bright Shield
Services and Investment Co. Ltd strives to offer innovative solutions targeted
at improving productivity and credibility.

As one among the best logistics companies, we have
partnership with different companies and professionals to offer unique
logistics services that covers inland transport, river transport, clearing/forwarding
and oil/gas dispatching

Why Do Customers need to consider Bright Shield Services and Investment Co. Ltd


management - is the number one priority for logistics services/solutions.

Customer satisfaction

on time delivery with accurate order fulfillment.


that includes documentation, customs, and clearing/forwarding services

Risk reduction

that covers people and environmental risk

Logistics systems with labor

to provide unique and proper services.

Our Logistics Solutions include:

·         Order fulfilment services

·         Product Packaging

·         Clearing / Forwarding

·         Inland / River Transportation

·         Import/ Export Freight Services

·         Customs Compliance Services


The company has three main offices in Sudan, South Sudan and Uganda.